Collection of Zappers circuits

Zapper is an electronic device, which purpose is to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungy in the human body. The claims are comming from H.Clark, who introduce the Zapper as a miracle device against all diseases in her books, most famous of which is "The Cure For All Disease". She explain the principle of work with provoking physical resonance in parazites (some of the harmonics of the signal matched the inner frequency of the parazite), which leads to destruction of the pathogen. Of course, it is not sure, and there are some other suggestions of the principle like - the pulsations only allows the current to penetrate inside the body (DC only current flows on surface of the skin), and in this way the low current destroys the small organisms (bacteria, fungi) and structures (viruses), leaving the big organism (human) untouched.
The Zapper is equiped with handholds done by two copper pipes (comfortable to hold - 22mm x 110mm for example), which are hold in the hands for 7 minutes session, then 20 minutes off, 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off and again 7 minutes off (7-20-7-20-7). Originally Zapper is designed to work on 30kHz, 50% duty-cycle (from +0.1V to about +9.0V) square wave. If you follow the exact Clark design, you will have a zapper sweeping from about 28kHz uo to 34kHz Zapper actualy. Some other designs suggest different frequencies to be better (like 2.5kHz), but it is never proved*. Bellow you can find collection of Zapper circuits to build yourself.

A Zapper finished as commercial product.

It was never proved, that Zapper is safe (update - some Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers have permit by MinZdrav for usage of Zappers as medical devices here- here- here, but always have something in mind). It was never scientifically proved, that Zapper works. There are thousands of testimonials for impressive results, but nothing acceptable as official statement. NEVER use a Zapper if you have any doubts or fears, if you wear pacemaker or if you are pregnant. DO NOT skip medical care in favour of Zapper or other alternative medicines and first consult with your doctor. Remember that by using Zapper you are performing experiment with yourself (which can bring you benefit, but noone can guarantee that). Official position about Zapper is a fraud, so be careful.


Original Clark Zapper working on 30kHz, 50% duty cycle. Designed by Hulda and Geoff Clark.

Updated revision from 2003 of Clark Zapper, working on 30kHz, 50% duty cycle, but with increased minimum voltage to 0.25V (thus lowering amplitude) with adding R5 resistor. Comment - Hulda uses therm "positive offset" as a need for zapper to work, but there is no "negative offset" in any zapper design. Moreover bi-polar impulse will mean that only the electron flow will change it's direction, which has nothing to do with effect of the zapper (if there is any effect). In other words - I don't think this update is valuable at all.
Designed by Hulda and Geoff Clark

Simple single frequency (30kHz) Zapper, based on IC 4069, by Zapperplans. Designed by Luke Parrish.

Simplifyed Clark Zapper with stronger output, designed by Jason Zerr.

Very simple Zapper by Masaru Kubota.

Dual frequency Zapper, published in 2003 EPE magazine, supporting 2.5kHz and 20kHz. In the issue there is a complex PIC based zapper project with sweeping function and auto-timer also. Note on this design - by changing the resistor R1 (and removing R2), you can make selectable many frequencies with several-step switch (for example - choosing resistor of 12.7K to connect pin 5 with pins 6 and 2 will generate 2.128kHz, 15K = 2.5kHz, 60K = 10kHz and 180K = 30 kHz). Seems one of the best zapper designs out there. Design by Andy Flind.

Dual frequency Zapper by Para Devices - model standard, supporting 2.5kHz and 30kHz selectable. Commercial.

Single frequency Zapper (30kHz), model ZHC3, developed by SOTA Instruments with low-battery indication. Commercial, discontinued.

Multifrequency Zapper, developed by Maestro Zapper, model 4TN1. Commercial.


727Hz Zapper, published at, designed by Dr.Gary Gear. It is supposed to have more stabilized waveform under load thanx to lower frequency (one of the universal Rife frequencies) and stabilization with the 10uF tantal capacitor on output.

2128Hz Zapper with higher voltage, published at Be careful, because it is supposed to work on 18 volts (twice higher than normal zapper).

Quebec 15Hz Zapper, similar to Terminator II Zapper design with built-in electrodes - copper penies.

Another 15Hz Zapper design, supposed to use built-in electrodes. Designed by Fredbuster.

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